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Coffee Cream



If you are a fan of Coffee Liqueurs then you are going to love it in the rich, creamy form of the essencia
Coffee Cream. The great taste of coffee liqueur, just creamy. The indulgent, smooth and luxurious not too sweet
with the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans. Great for easy cocktails or simply on the rocks.

Made from Espresso dark-roasted Italian coffee is great served ice-cold on a hot day or It is usually served
heated in a special liqueur coffee glass, often with whipped cream and sprinkle of sugar.

Shake well – Add to 220 ml of alcohol or vodka 40% ABV, then add 220ml of water, 250 ml sugar and 500 ml of
cream. Mix together well and for best results age for 7-10 days before drinking.

When using dairy base products such as cream the liqueur will need to be refrigerated and has a limited shelf

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Approx. 40 fl oz (1.125 L)