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No Lazy Loafer Bread until December 1st.

Monthly Sale

On until October 4, 2018. On site brewing for wine kits: $48 extra (+ tax)

8 Week Ultra Premium Wine Kits

6 Week Premium Wine Kits

  • A classic style Chardonnay that is clean, crisp, and rich in varietal character with fruit flavours abound. It is golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours…

    $103.99 $93.99
  • Aromas of crushed blackberries and vanilla follow through to a densely packed palate boasting chocolate and abundant oak tones. This wine showcases the Malbec grape…

    $105.99 $96.99

5 Week Wine Kits

  • A classic Cabernet Sauvignon with a nose of blackcurrants, dark chocolate, and subtle toasty notes with hints of coffee and vanilla notes on the palate.

    $71.99 $65.99
  • An enticing deep apple and grapefruit bouquet with apple and citrus notes that follow through to the palate and linger with a dry finish. This…

    $68.99 $63.99

4 Week Wine Kits

  • A smooth, rich wine, medium dark in colour with notes of blackberry and currants. A hint of green olive in the bouquet will pleasantly surprise…

    $63.99 $57.99
  • Clean, crisp, and slightly fruity, this wine is full of fruit flavour with an intense and pleasing aroma. You will want to savour through to…

    $61.99 $55.99

4 Week Cooler Kits