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On until December 4th, 2019. On-site brewing $53 extra (+tax).

Cru International

  • Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet as is expected by the finest California Chardonnays. It will develop to…

    $76.99 $69.99
  • Warm spice notes and aromas and flavours of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. Chile is well known for these chewy, deep, rustic red wines with intense…

    $79.99 $71.99

En Primeur Winery Series

Heritage Estates

  • A medium-bodied and dry Merlot style wine with aromas of tart strawberry and flavours of berries with light floral notes and a short clean finish.

    $48.99 $43.99
  • A typical dry Pinot Grigio style, this wine boasts aromas of tart green apple with crisp citrus and honey flavours.

    $45.99 $41.99

Orchard Breezin

  • Reward your passion for intense exotic flavours with this garnet-coloured red wine. Colourful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants round out a truly flavourful…

    $58.99 $53.99
  • Experience the exciting combination of freshly picked blueberries with a delicate touch of tannins and structure. This off-dry red wine is best enjoyed chilled on…

    $58.99 $53.99
  • The crisp taste of fresh cranberries is harmoniously blended with fruity, velvety richness in this sweet, plum-red wine. The robust, yet elegant, sweet berry flavours…

    $58.99 $53.99
  • The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavourful wine. Pale straw in colour, this wine is a natural addition to a…

    $58.99 $53.99
  • Fresh and sweet juicy flavours are balanced by the bitterness of the Seville Orange in this popular red wine. Bring out your creative side by…

    $58.99 $53.99