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  • $4.50

    15g pack This fast-attenuating yeast produces a balanced flavour profile and has strong flocculation characteristics. Under normal fermentation conditions, its use will result in a clean,…

  • $13.00

    Ordering once a month more information at special orders accepted call 250-388-4511 or email mailto:[email protected]  Category Commercial Name Compares to: Description American Ale American…

  • $7.00

    LalBrew Voss supports a wide range of fermentation temperatures between 25-40°C (77-104°F) with a very high optimal range of 35-40°C (95-104°F). The flavor profile is…

  • $7.50

    Belle Saison is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Saison-style beers.

  • $5.75

    Nottingham is an English style ale yeast selected for its high-performance ability and versatility.

  • $7.50

    WildBrew™ Philly Sour is an ideal yeast for traditional styles such as Berliner Weiss, Gose, American Lambic Style, American Wild Ales and its resistance to…

  • Beer yeast

    Product details BREWER’S YEAST FOR DELICATE & HOPPED BEERS German ale brewer’s yeast producing subtle fermentation character. Depending on the conditions tend to present floral…

  • $6.00

    → Specially adapted to cask-conditioned ales and fermentation in cylindro-conical tanks. → Able to form compact sediment at the end of fermentation.

  • $4.50

    → Recommended for the production of low attenuating beers. → Produces beers with a very good length on the palate thanks to its low attenuation.

  • $5.00

    Speciality yeast selected for its estery somewhat peppery and spicy flavour development (POF+), producing clove-like aroma. Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clumps but…

  • $6.00

    → Produces well balanced beers with very clean, crisp end palate. → Forms a firm foam head and presents a very good ability to stay…

  • $6.50

    The SafAle™ WB-06 is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus and is characterized by a particularly high attenuation. This typical yeast strain is recommended for wheat beer fermentations…

  • $7.00

    Ensures very good assimilation of fructose. Excellent for high gravity ciders.

  • $5.50

    → Recommended for the production of fruity and floral lagers. → Produces beers with a good length on the palate

  • $7.50

    This famous yeast strain from Weihenstephan in Germany is used world-wide within the brewing industry. SafLager™ W-34/70 allows to brew beers with a good balance…

  • $7.50

    LalBrew® Verdant IPA was specially selected in collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK) for its ability to produce a variety of hop-forward and malty beers.…